Retreat and Pilgrimage in the Himalayas

Dear Friend,

To coincide with the 2560th birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, Nepali Government has invited His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche to present a paper and give a speech as well as co-sponsor the International Peace Conference in Lumbini, which will be held from May 19 to 21. In light of this rare opportunity, WGIF is organising a spiritual trip to the lands of Himalayas for pilgrimage and retreat.

The trip begins in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal where an unending series of spiritual experiences unfold. We will also take you to Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, which is blessed by Guru Rinpoche and many great spiritual masters. You will have the choice of joining both the pilgrimage and retreat, or choose just the pilgrimage or just the retreat, depending on your availability.

We are providing four different itinerary options. Please enjoy, and if you would like to join this sacred and once-in-a-lifetime experience, do contact us for registration as soon as possible. Seats are running out fast!

Wencheng Gongzhu International Foundation

Option A: Retreat and Pilgrimage in the Himalayas, 5/18-29, 2016


Option B: Pilgrimage in the Himalayas, 5/18-26, 2016


Option C: Retreat in the Himalayas, 5/23-29, 2016


Option D: Pilgrimage in the Himalayas, 5/18-21, 2016


There are FOUR itinerary options. Prices vary for different options.

Please contact us for the information and registration.

Bhutan flight seats run out fast during this season.

Please register as soon as possible.


Ms. Natasha Hsieh

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18th May, 2016 (Wed) - 29th May, 2016 (Sun)
Nepal, Buthan
09:00 ~ 21:00